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My AUR (Arch User Repository) Packages

If you are having any issues with any of these packages please contact me and let me know - either on the AUR page for the package, or by email (with AUR in the subject).

  • Punch

    This program is great, if you’ve ever used todo.txt by Gina Trapiani but also felt the need to track your time. It works with todo.txt and gives you the ability to punch in and punch out of a task without having to have any background processes running - it just adds a timestamp to your ‘punch’ file in your todo.txt folder. There is no longer any developer activity on this project but it’s a simple and elegant solution that works really well.

  • Nix

    This is the Nix package manager. It is a purely functional package manager i.e. packages don’t have side effects. It has a range of cool functions, for example: atomic upgrades and rollbacks. Nix also supports having multiple versions of a package installed at the same time, or having two packages installed that have runtime dependencies on conflicting versions of the same library.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Pacman (the Arch Linux package manager) but for certain edge cases with development, or particularly in the case of Haskell programs, the Nix package manger is simply amazing.

  • YUI compressor

    A handy utility for compressing CSS and Javascript. Created by Yahoo!

  • Shareboard

    Shareboard is a http server that you can use like a clipboard. You can POST some text to it and GET to view it. It also has a built-in HTML viewer to see its contents. It’s used by the Shareboard.vim plugin below.

  • Shareboard.vim

    This is a Vim plugin that uses Shareboard and Pandoc to produce a preview of what you’re writing. It converts any markup that Pandoc supports into HTML and sends that to Shareboard.

  • Rodent Filemanager

    This is a file manager that acts like a graphic shell for utilities like cp and rm.

  • Perl-Webservice-NFSN

    This is a perl library for using the web host’s API.

  • File System Visualizer

    This is the classic “It’s a UNIX system! I know this!” interface from Jurassic Park. The original, fsn (file system navigator), was made by silicon graphics and ran on their IRIX operating system. This version was created by Daniel Richard G. for Linux.

  • File System Visualizer 2

    This is a port of the File System Visualizer (fsv) to gtk2 by Yury Fedorchenko.

  • gtkglarea1

    This is an old version of the gtkglarea library required to build fsv.

The Games of Kenta Cho

These are some of my favorite arcade games. They’re quite old but the graphics stand the test of time and the techno music is great. I encountered these first on Ubuntu years ago and when I noticed the AUR packages were unmaintained and broken I figured the least I could do is keep them available on my distro of choice.

These games are written in the D language - with the exception of noiz2sa. They were originally built for Windows but patches to port them to Linux were provided by Peter De Wachter and Miriam Ruiz from Debian so a big thank you to them for their work.

Note: Most of these games require gdc1-bin which is a binary package of the old D complier. It’s not ideal to have binary packages on the AUR but it takes ages to build.

More info about these great games can be found here: