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    Project Management

  • The Mythical Man Month

    One of the best books ever written on the topic of managing large software projects. It consists of a selection of essays by Fred Brooks mainly based on his experience in IBM, notably as manager on the System/360 project.

  • Parkinsons Law

    A satirical and witty look at the structure and growth of organisations.

  • System Administration

  • Time Management for System Administrators

    A great resource for system admins or anyone else that has to deal with an interrupt-driven workflow. Even if you’re good at managing your time this book has some great tips.

  • The Practice of System and Network Administration

    A must-read for system administrators. Rather than just another technical reference, it covers the day-to-day techniques and procedural best practice required in IT service.

  • The Unix and Linux System Administration Handbook

    Unlike ‘The Practice of System and Network Administration’ this handbook covers all the technical requirements of administering a *nix environment.

  • The Linux Phrasebook

    When beginning to get to grips with the Linux command line I found this to be a handy reference.

  • Programming

  • Code Complete

    Every programmer should have read this book at least once in their career. A great overview of good programming style and practice whatever the language. Just ignore the section on Hungarian notation :).

  • Programming Pearls

    A look at the problem solving side of programming. Brilliant writing and examples make this a truly pleasurable read.

  • The Art of Computer Programming

    These books by Donald Knuth are considered by some to be the seminal works in Computer Science. Knuth lays the foundations of knowledge in the field, making these invaluable both for initial study and ongoing reference. There are currently 4 volumes (with more planned), Fundamental Algorithms, Seminumerical Algorithms, Sorting and Searching and Combinatorial Algorithms.

  • The C++ Programming Language

    Now on the fourth edition, this book is how I first cut my teeth on programming.

  • Learn you a Haskell for Great Good

    Learn you a Haskell is, in my option, one of the best introductions to Haskell available. It’s written in a clear and entertaining manner. It has been available online free for a while at but was recently publish by No Starch Press, I highly recommend it.

  • Real World Haskell

    This is available for free online but it’s well worth buying. A great practical guide to haskell once you have the basics.

  • Introduction to Digital Logic Design

    A comprehensive and clear guide to digital logic. Seems to be out of print now, worth picking up a second hand copy.
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Computer Music Tutorial

    A really in-depth look at both the history and state of the art in computer-generated music. It covers all aspects, from synthesis to composition.
  • Getting started with Dwarf Fortress

    A guide to the best game ever made.


Vim: The best editor bar none!

Xterm: From the best editor to the best terminal.

AStyle: To fix everyone else’s bad formatting :)

Imagemagick: If the Swiss Army had to manipulate a lot of images

I use amazon associate links. But I really do think these books are well worth buying.